• Pages to help young people learn about healthy relationships, and what is abuse?

    15% of young people who took part in a survey in Cheshire East thought relationship abuse only happened to adults….

  • Fantastic resources, trialled and approved by young people in Cheshire East.

    All to help educate teenagers on healthy relationships and how to explain what abuse is

  • Useful information for adults who work with or care for young people.

    Learn about how teenagers experience relationship abuse, how to teach them about healthy relationships and how to help those who are experiencing abuse in their relationships.


Act on it now

WELCOME to ACT ON IT the site for safe relationships. This site is packed with information to promote healthy teen relationships. If you’re young click on the YOUNG PERSON tab to find information on healthy relationships, what is abuse, personal stories, how to help a friend, and where to find help & support. If you’re worried about your relationship try the IS IT OKAY quiz. 15 simple questions to see what’s okay or not okay in a healthy relationship.

Those working with or caring for young people should click on the CARERS tab. Pages for adults explaining what teenage relationship abuse is and providing educational resources that can be used with young people to promote healthy relationships.