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    15% of young people who took part in a survey in Cheshire East thought relationship abuse only happened to adults….

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Freedom from Hunger

September 28th is Freedom from Hunger day; so many families who are effected by domestic abuse also experience poverty. This might be because they’ve had to move into a refuge and awaiting benefits to come through (these payments can take some time to come through) so they rely on the charity of others to help… Read more »

Bullying: Advice for Parents

How do you know if your child is being bullied? Sometimes children don’t talk to their parents or carers because they don’t want to upset them, or they think it will make the problem worse. However, if you suspect that your child is being bullied, there are signs to look out for, according to the NSPCC…. Read more »

Characteristics of those who cause harm

Those who cause harm often blame their partners for the assaults and do not take any responsibility for the violence they have perpetrated. Listed below are some characteristics of an abusive partner: Threatening – An abusive partner could threaten you, your children or loved ones as a way to get you to comply with their wishes. Pushy… Read more »

An Adult only issue…?

There is a myth that continues to circulate that DOMESTIC ABUSE IS AN ADULT ONLY ISSUES. FALSE! FALSE! FALSE! At the start of 2015 an online survey of 334 young people by CWA found that although all could explain what domestic (relationship) abuse was, 15% thought it only happened when you where an adult living… Read more »

Stress @ work

On average UK workers do 40 days’ unpaid overtime a year, long hours and a heavy workload can cause stress. In 2010/11 about 400,000 people in the UK reported work-related stress at a level they believed was making them ill. The way you deal with stress can encourage unhealthy behaviour, such as smoking and drinking too… Read more »

How to manage stress

Everyone can experience stress; it may come from your relationship, job, home life, school/college or most commonly money worries. The following tips can help manage stress: Focus on Your Health If you want to manage stress, you will need to focus on your health. For instance, give up nicotine, junk food and/or alcohol and start… Read more »

10 reasons to be happy!

Happiness can be difficult to achieve, you may do this through friendships and activities, by completing your goals (for some people cleaning makes them happy), being away on holiday, the weather – basking in the sun or ski-ing in the snow. We can’t help you achieve happiness, only you know how to do that but… Read more »

Get Involved

The Summer is here, and we’re all enjoying a break from education and hopefully work! But if you’re at a lose end and want something to do, why don’t you contribute to ACT ON IT? There are so many ways to get involved. Do you have an article you’d like to share? Email it to… Read more »

What is Honour Based Violence

so called honour based violence is when family members or acquaintances mistakenly believe someone has brought shame to their family or community by doing something that is not in keeping with the traditional beliefs of their culture. For example, honour based violence might be committed against people who: – become involved with a boyfriend or girlfriend from… Read more »

I can’t tell my parents!

I’m scared of my boyfriend but I can’t tell my Mum, she won’t help and will just say “I told you so”. Okay – talking to your parents can be difficult but there are other options – a number of helplines (check out the help & suppport tab) can offer support and point you in… Read more »