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I can’t tell my parents!

Published: July 22, 2016

I’m scared of my boyfriend but I can’t tell my Mum, she won’t help and will just say “I told you so”.

Okay – talking to your parents can be difficult but there are other options – a number of helplines (check out the help & suppport tab) can offer support and point you in the direction of local drops in and places you can talk. Opening up to a trusted friend can be useful but they won’t be able to support you completely. You could also approach people within education (teachers) or even employees. These discussions can give you options of what to do.

Then you could tell you parents, and you may hear “I told you so” but you’ll be a position of independence to say “I know but I’m getting this help, I just want your love and support” and most parents will give you exactly that. They want you to be safe and happy.

It is important to highlight when discussing this issue that anyone under the age of 18 is legally a child and can lead to social care involvement, which will involve talking to your parents. Plus there are those who have a difficult relationship with their parents and social care (and other organisations) are there to help you.

Facing it alone will make it more difficult, it’s time to talk. ACT ON IT.