• Useful information for adults who work with or care for young people.

    Learn about how teenagers experience relationship abuse, how to teach them about healthy relationships and how to help those who are experiencing abuse in their relationships.



Young people age 16 – 25 are the most vulnerable when it comes to experiencing relationship abuse. Increasing this risk is the perception by adults that teen relationships are not as complicated as their own. However, 1 in 5 young people are experiencing some form of abuse within their relationship. The carers section provides information on supporting a young person experiencing abuse, and how to promote healthy relationships with young people.Young people experience three forms of relationship abuse;

  1. Within family relationships; as victim or person causing harm.
  2. With peer intimate relationships; as victim or person causing harm.
  3. CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), young people are now being groomed by their peers for sexual exploitation as well as adults.

If you have worries about a young person then ACT ON IT, use the help and support tab to seek guidance from a professional.  The CARERS tab provides advice on leading sessions or talking to young people one to one. The YOUNG PEOPLE tab has personal stories from young people. Or check out the RESOURCES tab for a number of tools to use with young people.