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Freedom from Hunger

Published: September 23, 2016

September 28th is Freedom from Hunger day; so many families who are effected by domestic abuse also experience poverty.

This might be because they’ve had to move into a refuge and awaiting benefits to come through (these payments can take some time to come through) so they rely on the charity of others to help feed and clothe them.

Those who have escaped abusive relationship now may suddenly be caring for children on a much reduced income – it is often the case that those who cause harm will not provide child support or will expect a contact for cash arrangement with children that can put families at risk.

Financial abuse and and inability to work because of the abuse (whether due to poor health from experiences or controlling parter not allowing their partner to work).

Whatever you’re doing for Freedom from Hungry day think of those experiencing abuse, could you help? You could contact local support agencies with offers of food or volunteer your time. ACT ON IT!