• Pages to help young people learn about healthy relationships, and what is abuse?

    15% of young people who took part in a survey in Cheshire East thought relationship abuse only happened to adults….

  • Fantastic resources, trialled and approved by young people in Cheshire East.

    All to help educate teenagers on healthy relationships and how to explain what abuse is

  • Useful information for adults who work with or care for young people.

    Learn about how teenagers experience relationship abuse, how to teach them about healthy relationships and how to help those who are experiencing abuse in their relationships.

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Get Involved

Published: August 5, 2016

The Summer is here, and we’re all enjoying a break from education and hopefully work!

But if you’re at a lose end and want something to do, why don’t you contribute to ACT ON IT?

There are so many ways to get involved.

Do you have an article you’d like to share? Email it to youth@cheshirewithoutabuse.org.uk You can send this anonymously or have your name published and include it in your own record of achievement.

Are you good at making video? GET IT TOUCH! Even if you don’t have an idea there are a number of scripts and ideas CWA can provide to get you started and once complete share on the site.

Or you could hold an event (check out our resources page) and share what you did with ACT ON IT, or if you find a new resource share it too!

You can get in touch via the email address, call, or find ACT ON IT on twitter and facebook (see end of page of links) #ACTONIT #ChangingLives