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What is Honour Based Violence

Published: July 29, 2016

so called honour based violence is when family members or acquaintances mistakenly believe someone has brought shame to their family or community by doing something that is not in keeping with the traditional beliefs of their culture.

For example, honour based violence might be committed against people who:

  1. – become involved with a boyfriend or girlfriend from a different culture or religion
  2. – want to get out of an arranged marriage
  3. – want to get out of a forced marriage
  4. – wear clothes or take part in activities that might not be considered traditional within a particular culture

The violence is a punishment to remove the stain of shame.

The victim can be the member of the family who is seen to bring shame, but can also be towards whoever is leading that family member ‘astray’ – so the friends they’ve made which are seen as wrong perhaps because from another religion are attacked too.

Honour based violence is not only a crime but is a form of domestic abuse (because of the family relationship) and is important to consider when risk assessing the needs of an individual.