Here you will find genuine, personal stories that people have shared to help explain what relationship abuse is. This might help you with any worries you may have about your own relationship.

Although these are real stories, they are portrayed by actors.


Josie tells her story of the boyfriend she met in high school, aged 16. When they started college things started to change; her boyfriend started to isolate her by talking about her friends. He became more angry and scary. This might help you spot the beginnings of abuse.


Ashley shares her personal story of relationship abuse. She experienced verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. She met her partner when she was 15, and has a child from the relationship. Listen to her story; the abuse she experienced, and how she managed to leave the relationship. Can you spot any warning signs from your own relationship?


Samantha tells her story about the emotional abuse she experienced from her partner during college. This relationship began when she was 18, and she experienced verbal and emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can leave scars that take longer to heal than physical abuse, just because you are not being hurt physically doesn’t mean you should accept any other form of abuse.


James talks about how he experienced relationship abuse when he started university aged 18. He gives the male perspective which is sometimes over looked due to people stereotyping. Listen to his story. Is there anything you need to act on in your relationship?


James and Samantha sit together and talk about their different experiences of relationship abuse. This is a unique interview between two people who have had very different experiences; one which was emotional, verbal, physical and sexual, the other was verbal and emotional. Could you talk to a friend about any worries you have in your relationship?